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A little more about me...

A little more about me...
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Hello there, Gorgeous!

My name is Anna Keilo and I am the owner of Eight One Standard, an online’s women clothing boutique. While I already have an “About” page on my website, I wanted to use my very first blog post for a more in depth “about me” and a place to let you know what you can expect from my store.

I started this store for a few reasons. The obvious one is that I have a love for fashion, and I’ve worked in the fashion industry for numerous years doing styling, merchandising, and marketing. I firmly believe that wearing a polished and sophisticated outfit can transform how you feel about yourself (it’s the little things in life!). So, I want my Instagram and blog to be a place where we can build a community together and share styling tips. I also want to show you how to incorporate the pieces I sell into your wardrobe, and how to feel more elegant with the pieces I curated. I also started this online store because as a working woman in her 20s, I am constantly on-the-go which means versatility is the name of the game. I need those outfit combos and dresses that will take me from work, to happy hour, to date night, or church to brunch to girls’ night (you get the idea!). I realized that I had to search so many ecommerce websites just to find the right pieces I wanted to build my wardrobe, and the best pieces were always out of my price range. I decided to use my expertise and frustrations to start my own boutique, a place where young women can shop for elegant pieces that are still playful and fun, all at a great price point for such high quality!

Lastly, I also wanted to start this store to honor my mother. She was the most elegant woman I ever knew, and by elegant I mean more than just her fashion choices. She was kind, smart, and carried herself with the most incredible confidence- to me, this is the truest form of elegance that goes beyond the clothes. It’s how you carry yourself.

All in all, I am here to serve YOU! I want to help you style my items, and come up with creative ways to wear something again and again so that your closet isn’t filled with a bunch of clothes that don’t make you feel good. Can I get an amen? 

Thank you for stopping by! Please reach out to chat, ask questions, or if you need style advice. That’s what I am here for.



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